Making the #CarNextDoor my Favourite Car Sharing App! for

Car Next Door is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform, basically like an Airbnb for cars… I’ve been using CarNextDoor for years now and I can see the service can’t even compare with competitors. The garage of cars offered by real people is much more extensive than any other rental car company. CarNextDoor allows you to […]

Branding, Research, Strategy, UX

Bringing online Sardinian Wines, Crafts & Gastronomy for

This project started because of a friend's need to digitalise his business and expand worldwide... not just Europe! It took me 3 days (and nights) to build this MVE (Minimum Viable Experiment) from sracth, including branding, concept for product pictures [see insta] and social was an extraordinary collaborative experience. We'll start testing soon and you'll notice changes [...]


Sending Money Oversea? Get a secure FREE transfer now for

Bye bye bank fees, hello world. Get bank-level security, without bank-level charges. Send money with TransferWise at a great rate with a low fee. The real exchange rate Banks set their own exchange rate to make money off you. TransferWise gives you the real exchange rate, also known as the mid-market rate. The exchange rate is guaranteed […]