Team: 1UX, 1 Front End, 1 Network Admin
Duration: 2 weekends
Budget: 4 workdays x 3 people


The goal or problem/opportunity

The business was in need of a tool that allowed management of millions of data entries, compare them with external sources and build a new and more comprehensive database. No solution was in place and the time frame for delivery was very limited. The client provided 31M single records in CES format and that was the fundament for the database.


My role in the project and the team

Due to the quantity of data, the solution was not really about how but where should I start. I put together the first mockup, to run locally and managed the data with a laptop, everywhere, also off-line. After discussing with a friend who works in front-end I instead decided to build a flexible infrastructure able to manage that huge amount of data online.

Team composition: Me with multiple hats ๐Ÿคฏ, a Network/BackEnd Admin and a FrontEnd engineer !!!


Methodologies & Practices

Due to the really short time available to deliver the final refined data to the client, we had to start building from day one after refining the requirements and research. Once the User Journey was defined, I started building the UI to satisfy functionalities of a simple logic and repetitive process into a first HTML/CSS mockup. We replicate the database structure on AWS on a PostgreSQL brand new instance and connected the Front End when we had it done.


A complete working online & secure solution was provided and the tool is managing now after the first week ย 38 million records. It continues to grow and refine itself each time running a comparison with new data.

Question for you

What, from your perspective, could I have made better?
Would you like to provide any additional feedback?